Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Raunchy Rennet (a little late, oops)

This biggest thing that happened this week on my journey through cheese making was making the rennet.  We finally were able to get a hold of nettle leaves, so I was a go on the rennet process.  Reading through the procedure made making rennet seem like a breeze, but it turned out to be a bit more complicated when actually in practice.  For one thing, the amount of dried nettle that we got, one pound as the recipe states, was way too much for the amount of water they suggested using, and too much for the pot I brought.  Because of this, the amount of water and nettle I used was in a much different ratio than the recipe stated.  Nonetheless I pushed on, and went to boil the mushy goop.  Boiling a goop is harder than it sounds, because the water is not distinctly separated from the solids in it.  This caused a bit of fear when the mixture appeared to be alive and breathing as bubbles moved the leaves up and down.  After a really long time, I decided it was boiling, added the salt and drained it, releasing a very strong hay smell, and revealing a very very dark liquid that was basically super steeped herbal tea.  Next week I will begin the real test of this process, the making of the actual cheese! Stay tuned for how that turns out!!

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