Saturday, April 22, 2017

SHOT THROUGH THE HEART: Weekly Reflection for the Week of April 10th through April 14th

How did you do on the work?
This week was HEART WEEK which was awesome!  Basically all of our work was centered around our big heart dissection lab and our summative assessment. I felt pretty solid on the heart stuff we did, and while I was pretty weirded out at first with the whole "real heart" thing, I definitely got more confidant and comfortable over the course of our two days actually examining the heart, and by the end of the second day I could stick my finger through the different veins and arteries without gagging!

What do you think you understand well?
After actually dissecting the heart, I feel like I really understand the structure of the heart and what all of the different components do.  Especially adding onto the fact that the week before I was in a group researching the circulatory system, I am feeling much more confident on at least one of the broader biological systems in the body.

Where do you think you could improve?
While I feel like the lab went really well, I definitely slacked a little bit on my studying for the exam.  Because this is a unit I feel pretty confident about, I didn't take studying as seriously as I probably should have, doing more of a going-over-the-notes kind of deal than actually in-depth studying.

What strategies will you use to improve?
In order to improve I just need to be more aware of time management and keeping myself focused on what I need to be doing.  I also just need to remember that studying is always necessary and really can never hurt.

How does what we are doing fit into the context/narrative of this class?
This week, and the heart lab was a really cool way to connect the microscopic things we have been learning about to the actual function of an organism on a large scale, as well as how these thing affect us.  It was also a foray into dissection, something that we haven't done in this class before, or for many of us, at all, and that, for those looking at bio as an avenue through which to pursue a career as a doctor or something it is preparation for that.

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  1. First off... thanks for the Bon Jovi reference.
    Second - so psyched you enjoyed the work & found it more interesting than you did gross :)