Sunday, March 12, 2017

Meeting Meiosis and Various Vodcasts: Weekly Reflection for the Week of March 6th to March 10th

Weekly Standards: 4.1, 4.3

How did you do on the work?
This week I felt a little more overwhelmed by work than I did last week.  This was primarily due to the fact that we had the lab write-up to work on and vodcasts on most nights, along with other projects due in other classes.  Aside from this I feel like I did a fairly good job on the work, although some of my WSQ responses were not the best they could probably have been.  I do feel, however that our classwork packets really helped to reinforce the concepts that I may not have gotten as great a feel on in the vodcast.

What do you think you understand well?
I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the outlines of the stuff we are learning.  I understand the process of mitosis and (for the most part) meiosis, and I understand how changes in the cell cycle control system can impact the cell and the organism.  These broad, basics I feel like I have gotten down, mainly because of the packets we have been working on all week along with the vodcasts.

Where do you think you could improve?
While I feel like most of the material I am getting and understanding, I feel like I could have a much better grasp on if I went a little more in depth with them.  For example, I understand what happens to the cell cycle when a tumor suppressor gene is mutated, but I don't know what causes this mutation, or how prevalent it is.  I feel like I should be paying more attention to the why's of what we are learning instead of just the what's so that I can better connect topics and remember the information more efficiently.

What strategies will you use to improve?
In order to work on my connectivity between topics I will not only pay more attention to the spoken aspect of the vodcasts, as this is the part that most often gives information on that kind of thing, but will also start to go back and revisit some of our older unit notes to keep myself fresh on the mechanisms of evolution or the materials that make up a cell wall.

How does the work we are doing fit into the context/narrative of this class?
A lot of what we are doing this week, especially in mitosis and meiosis connects to our previous unit of evolution.  Looking at the process by which new generations are made makes it much more clear how small mutations can cause lasting impacts in populations that can lead to the increased diversity of the species.

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